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Septic Site Plan

  • Client received paper copies of all documentation
  • Client is required to submit supporting documents such as floor plan, GIS map, survey, and address
  • Client is required to provide pre-payment


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ATU with Dripline

  • ATU stands for Aerobic Treatment Unit
  • This is similar to an irrigation hose. ATU must be inspected every year.
  • ATU are required when a lot is small with a larger home.


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Commercial Design

These site plans are the same as Engineered Site Plans but for Commercial Use.

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  • Completed before construction starts we will discuss:
    • What will I have to do to have a septic system installed?
    • The septic company I called is telling me to do this, is that correct?


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Cross-Section Drainage Plan

  • Documents that are required by each county’s building department
  • Cross section gives a view of how water flows off property


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Perc Test

This is the first step in installing a septic system. We send out a soil inspector to perform testing in two different location to determine the soil and wet water table.


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Sewer Site Plan

Site plan with house shows water flow off the property

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